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Occupational Certificate: BodyTalk Practitioner 
118826  Occupational Certificate: BodyTalk Practitioner 
Development Quality Partner - HWSETA 
-   OQSF - Occupational Qualifications Sub-framework 
Part-Qualification  Field 09 - Health Sciences and Social Services  Promotive Health and Developmental Services 
Undefined  60  Not Applicable  NQF Level 05  Regular-ELOAC 
Registered  SAQA 004/22  2022-02-03  2027-02-03 
2028-02-03   2031-02-03  

In all of the tables in this document, both the pre-2009 NQF Level and the NQF Level is shown. In the text (purpose statements, qualification rules, etc), any references to NQF Levels are to the pre-2009 levels unless specifically stated otherwise.  

This qualification does not replace any other qualification and is not replaced by any other qualification. 

The purpose of the Occupational Certificate: BodyTalk Practitioner is to prepare a learner to operate as a BodyTalk System Practitioner. The part-qualification will encourage and build a community of BodyTalk practitioners and teachers who offer professional, quality wellness care through well-structured, applied quality education aligned with international best practice.

A qualified learner will be able to:
  • Establish and maintain BodyTalk healing services in a public or private context.
  • Conduct client consultation and record-keeping in a public or private energy healing service context.
  • Facilitate a process of client wellbeing through applying energy healing modalities.

    This part-qualification will encourage and build a community of practitioners and teachers who offer cost-efficient quality wellness care; through well-structured, applied quality education aligned with international best practice. The approach is to up-skilling and re-skilling South African healers and new entrants. This will elevate the industry and encourage skills transferability in the public and private sectors. The outcome of this is recognition, legitimacy, and collaboration of this industry, which will uplift service delivery from natural energy healers and academics and will encourage overall empowerment, upliftment, and financial success.

    In the social context, this ratification, of a previously fragmented industry brings wellness options to communities and individuals, encouraging them to take accountability for their wellbeing with the support of trained, skilled, and dedicated practitioners at all levels. The minimum number of credits is attributed to the content, complexity, and nature of training, which still exceeds the average international duration for the same training course. 


    This part-qualification is made up of compulsory Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules:

    Knowledge Modules
  • 532906-000-00-KM-01, Generic Energy Healing Studies, Ethical and Professional Conduct, Level 5,
    8 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-KM-02, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Level 5, 8 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-KM-10, BodyTalk Energy Healing System, Level 5, 8 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 24

    Practical Skill Modules
  • 532906-000-00-PM-01, Conduct Facilitation Services in a Professional Manner, Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-PM-02, Establish Oneself as a Natural Energy Healing Facilitator, Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-PM-03, Establish and Maintain a Compliant Client Record-keeping System and Support Protocols, Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-PM-11, Facilitate a process of client wellbeing through applying BodyTalk, Level 5, 8 Credits.
    Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 20

    Work Experience Modules
  • 532906-000-00-WM-01, Establish and Maintain Energy Healing Services, Level 5, 3 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-WM-02, Conduct Client Consultation and Record-keeping in an Energy Healing Context, Level 5, 3 Credits.
  • 532906-000-00-WM-10, Facilitate Client Wellbeing by Applying BodyTalk System Practices and Techniques, Level 5, 10 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 16 

    1. Manage fundamental scope, dynamics, and ethics of the energy healing industry.
    2. Facilitate client wellbeing by applying the BodyTalk System process. 

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 1:
  • Define, describe, and discuss within the context of natural energy healing facilitation industry standards.
  • Define, describe, discuss, compare, evaluate, and apply human energy fields in terms of recognised industry standards.
  • Explain the balance and inter-connectedness of natural energy within all dimensions of nature following industry standards.
  • Explain, discuss, and apply the scope of practice of energy healing within the context and restrictions of health care.
  • Explain, apply, and monitor Professional conduct an energy healing practice in terms of industry-accepted codes of conduct and ethics.
  • Describe and compare human energy management concerning the effect on the human energy field.
  • Describe, plan and apply self-care and maintenance of body, mind and soul in terms of own efficiency, dynamics of personal development and infinite personal possibility.
  • Identify, explain, plan, and apply health and safety practices concerning the protection of self and others.
  • Discuss and apply Legislative compliance requirements for the establishment and maintenance of a professional and compliant energy healing service by regulatory requirements.
  • Apply professional operational and business energy healing practices and requirements following accepted business practice models and legislative requirements.
  • Apply communication practices that promote the delivery of efficient and effective energy healing services by industry standards.
  • Apply self-healing and growth following accepted industry practices and methodology.
  • Apply personal hygiene and grooming standards following client specific requirements and accepted industry standards.
  • Identify, explain, discuss, compare, and apply human anatomy and physiology terminology and concepts following industry standards and energy healing requirements.

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 2:
  • Discuss, compare, and apply key terms, rules, concepts and established principles related to the BodyTalk system.
  • Create an environment that is conducive for the facilitation of the BodyTalk healing session following accepted industry practice.
  • Collect, profile, compile and evaluate, client information and supportive actions formulated as relevant to specific client profiles.
  • Conduct the preparation for the BodyTalk healing session following accepted practice.
  • Discuss, compare, evaluate, select, and apply BodyTalk healing techniques by accepted industry practices.
  • Discuss and conclude the session following accepted BodyTalk healing practices.
  • Release the client by accepted BodyTalk healing practices.

    Integrated Assessment:
    Integrated Formative Assessment
    The skills development provider will use the curriculum to guide them on the stipulated internal assessment criteria and weighting. They will also apply the scope of practical skills and applied knowledge as stipulated by the internal assessment criteria. Formative assessment will be conducted through written, oral, practical assessment and portfolio of evidence. Short exercises, assignments, projects, investigations, oral presentations, observation checklists, case studies and tests concluded by internal examinations shall be used for Integrated Formative Assessment. This formative assessment leads to entrance into the External

    Integrated Summative Assessment
    An external integrated summative assessment, conducted through the relevant QCTO Assessment Quality Partner is required for the issuing of this qualification. The external integrated summative assessment will focus on the exit level outcomes and associated assessment criteria. This shall be conducted in the form of an examination. 

    The South African part-qualification was compared to similar qualifications from Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Khalynda Whole Health Service offers BodyTalk training for over 12 days. The course, which is accredited by the International BodyTalk Association, covers the following:
  • Learn the 3 key scientific models that lead to our current understanding of health.
  • Learn the 5 different levels of the body-mind and Top/Down Causation.
  • Understand how BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system.
  • Learn how consciousness operates in the body-mind.
  • Learn what is meant by the innate wisdom of the practitioner and the client and its aspects and function.
  • Learn what occurs when the synchronicity of the body-mind is disrupted.
  • Understand the importance of left and right brain integration and the Zone.
  • Understand the muscle checking technique as used during a BodyTalk session.
  • Understand the importance of the principles of BodyTalk which include:
  • The body has an innate ability to heal itself.
  • Using our innate wisdom and the art of muscle checking along with a structured protocol and procedure to discern the areas of priority and the sequence of balancing.
  • Discuss how the interference of the following can limit results of BodyTalk:
  • Attention Vs. Intention
  • Priority Vs. problem
  • Agenda Vs. non-agenda
  • Attachment V. non-attachment
  • Caring Vs. not caring
  • Understand the five functions of breathing and principles of tapping.
  • Understand the concept of receiving permissions before and during a BodyTalk session and how to clear them for both practitioner and client.
  • Through lecture, demonstration, and practice the participant will learn to use the BodyTalk balancing techniques in Fundamentals and will experience the techniques as the recipient.

    United Kingdom:
    BodyTalk Network in the United Kingdom offers a BodyTalk training course that covers the following content:
  • Balancing the cortices.
  • Hydration of the body.
  • Clearing blockages caused by scars and adhesions.
  • Balancing the organs, Endocrines and Body parts.
  • Balancing the Body Chemistry by stimulating immune responses to microbes, allergies and toxins.
  • Addressing stored emotional trauma, negative belief systems and phobias.
  • Addressing environmental effects on the body-mind: emotional, physical and chemical.
  • Balancing the posture and correcting structural issues with the body.
  • Normalising the circulation of blood, nerve, lymph and energy.
  • Balancing the acupuncture meridian system and the chakra energy system.

    The BodyTalk modality included in this qualification is comparable with the Australia and United Kingdom certificate in terms of content and complexity. The South African scope and content are aimed at addressing the unique requirements for professionalising the BodyTalk practice in South Africa. 

    This part-qualification provides opportunities for horizontal and vertical articulation options.

    Horizontal Articulation:
  • Certificate: Aromatherapy, NQF Level 5.

    Vertical Articulation:
  • Diploma: Therapeutic Reflexology, NQF Level 6. 

  • NOTES 
    Qualifying for external assessment:
    To qualify for an external assessment, learners must provide proof of completion of all required modules by means of statements of results and work experience.

    Additional legal or physical entry requirements:
  • None

    Criteria for the accreditation of providers
    Accreditation of providers will be done against the criteria as reflected in the relevant curriculum on the QCTO website.

    The curriculum title and code is: BodyTalk Practitioner: 532906-000-00-08.

    This qualification encompasses the following trades as recorded on the NLRD:
    This is not a trade qualification.

    Parent Qualification
  • Occupational Certificate: Natural Energy Healing Practitioner, NQF Level 5.

    Related Part-qualifications
  • Occupational Certificate: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Practitioner, NQF Level 5.
  • Occupational Certificate: Reiki Practitioner, NQF Level 5.
  • Occupational Certificate: Crystal Healing Practitioner, NQF Level 5.
  • Occupational Certificate: Access the Bars Practitioner, NQF Level 5.
  • Occupational Certificate: Metaphysics Practitioner, NQF Level 5.
  • Occupational Certificate: Energy Kinesiology Practitioner, NQF Level 5.
  • Occupational Certificate: Heart Resonance Practitioner, NQF Level 5. 


    This information shows the current accreditations (i.e. those not past their accreditation end dates), and is the most complete record available to SAQA as of today. Some Primary or Delegated Quality Assurance Functionaries have a lag in their recording systems for provider accreditation, in turn leading to a lag in notifying SAQA of all the providers that they have accredited to offer qualifications and unit standards, as well as any extensions to accreditation end dates. The relevant Primary or Delegated Quality Assurance Functionary should be notified if a record appears to be missing from here.

    All qualifications and part qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework are public property. Thus the only payment that can be made for them is for service and reproduction. It is illegal to sell this material for profit. If the material is reproduced or quoted, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) should be acknowledged as the source.