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Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator 
118706  Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator 
Development Quality Partner - SERVICES SETA 
-   OQSF - Occupational Qualifications Sub-framework 
Occupational Certificate  Field 03 - Business, Commerce and Management Studies  Marketing 
Undefined  175  Not Applicable  NQF Level 05  Regular-ELOAC 
Registered  SAQA 107/22  2022-02-03  2027-02-03 
2028-02-03   2031-02-03  

In all of the tables in this document, both the pre-2009 NQF Level and the NQF Level is shown. In the text (purpose statements, qualification rules, etc), any references to NQF Levels are to the pre-2009 levels unless specifically stated otherwise.  

This qualification does not replace any other qualification and is not replaced by any other qualification. 

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to function as a Marketing Coordinator.

A Marketing Coordinator provides a support role to marketing team members and managers by undertaking administrative tasks and coordinating key deliverables to ensure that a company meets its strategic marketing objectives.

A qualified learner will be able to:
  • Coordinate key deliverables of products and services to (a) target market(s).
  • Support the deliverables across the full spectrum of the communication activities and channels.
  • Coordinate marketing and sales activities across the marketing mix.
  • Coordinate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities.
  • Undertake administrative tasks related to marketing metrics for the processing of payments.

    The Marketing Coordinator is an entry level occupation for learners seeking a career in the marketing environment. This qualification will provide learners with competencies to confidently support the marketing activities in both small and large organisations that must maintain a competitive edge against their competitors. The present pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of companies to competitive disruption, and the importance of continuing to invest in maintaining their market share.

    Inputs for this qualification were provided professionals, assessors, and moderators who are currently functioning in this environment. This qualification will give qualifying learners access to professional registration with Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA), as the development of this qualification took place in collaboration with them.

    The qualification has as its outcome to ensure that organisations meet their strategic business and marketing objectives. This inevitably leads to economic growth throughout the value chain and provides for economic expansion, possibly beyond South Africa's borders. In addition, employment opportunities could be created allowing for improved infrastructure and the expansion of the local knowledge and skills base.
    The qualification was developed with the focus on school leavers but will also contribute to the skilling of employees currently serving in the broader marketing industry. Not only could they follow a career in marketing and sales, but they could also become businesspersons. Further development as marketers through institutions of higher education is an option to eventually become Marketing Executives. 

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):
  • Learners will gain access to the qualification through RPL for Access as provided for in the QCTO RPL Policy. RPL for access is conducted by accredited education institution, skills development provider or workplace accredited to offer that specific qualification/part qualification.
  • Learners who have acquired competencies of the modules of a qualification or part qualification will be credited for modules through RPL.

    RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment:
    Accredited providers and approved workplaces must apply the internal assessment criteria specified in the related curriculum document to establish and confirm prior learning. Accredited providers and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result.

    Entry Requirements:
    The minimum entry requirement for this qualification is:
  • NQF Level 4 qualification. 


    This qualification is made up of compulsory Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules:

    Knowledge Modules
  • 333908-001-00-KM-01 Marketing Business skills, Level 5, 5 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-02 Ready for Work Standards, Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-03 Campaign /Project Management , Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-04 Marketing Business Tools, Level 5, 8 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-05 Business Calculations, Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-06 Customer Relationship Management, Level 5, 3 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-07 Business Environment, Level 5, 4 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-KM-08 Digital Tools, Level 5, 4 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 36

    Practical Skill Modules
  • 333908-001-00-PM-01 Coordinate Key Deliverables of Products and Services to a Target Market(s), Level 5, 7 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-PM-02 Support the Deliverables Across the Full Spectrum of the Communication Mix, Level 5, 8 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-PM-03 Coordinate Marketing and Sales Activities, Level 5, 8 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-PM-04 Coordinate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities, Level 5, 7 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-PM-05 Undertake Administrative Tasks Related to Marketing Metrics and Processing of Payments a 5, Level 6, 6 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 36

    Work Experience Modules
  • 333908-001-00-WM-01 Processes and Procedures for Coordinating Key Deliverables of Products and Services to a Target Market(s), Level 5, 24 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-WM-02 Processes and Procedures for Supporting the Deliverables Across the Full Spectrum of the Communication Mix, Level 5, 20 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-WM-03 Processes and Procedures for Coordinating Marketing and Sales Activities, Level 5, 27 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-WM-04 Processes and Procedures for Coordinating Customer Relationship Management Activities, Level 5, 17 Credits.
  • 333908-001-00-WM-05 Processes and Procedures within the Scope of Administrative Tasks Related to Marketing Metrics and Processing of Payments, Level 5, 15 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 103 

    1. Demonstrate an understanding of business marketing skills.
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of marketing tools.
    3. Perform the administrative tasks related to the processing of the marketing financials and compare reports of results against targets.
    4. Provide supporting deliverables required for the implementation of a communication strategy.
    5. Support the processes required to coordinate the key deliverables of products and services to target markets.
    6. Coordinate initiatives that activate lead generation and responses from customers and prospects with the support of internal operations and external suppliers. 

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 1:
  • Provide inputs are towards the implementation of the organisation's marketing strategy, highlighting the interaction with the relevant role players involved in gathering information support.
  • Identify an understanding of the relevant legal requirements and Acts within the sphere of marketing operations in an organisation and implement any necessary action within a marketing coordinators role to support compliance.
  • Explain the key performance indicators within the job role of a marketing coordinator are and measure outputs within the context of personal and organisational expectations.
  • Require inputs for research and information gathering that contribute to the preparation of business environmental and analyse competitive analysis reports for senior management.
  • Record and plan the required promotional and operational activities submitted in an agency brief into a calendar of events and timetable, and document and monitor the required action that need to be processed for a successful implementation of the promotion.

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 2:
  • Identify and discuss the elements of the marketing mix that relate to the marketing functions within a specified organisation and the problems and opportunities of each element.
  • Portray the different formats in a presentation to communicate information data and compare and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each format.
  • Conduct a specified organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis relating to the implementation of marketing communication mix activities.
  • Explain the tasks utilised by a marketing coordinator in the administration of the financial processing required within a marketing department in an organisation.
  • Compare the different formats for recording the results of marketing activities explaining how these results against the initial targets that are set. Analyse highlighting the impact of the variances in relation to financial metrics and sales volumes.

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 3:
  • Compile reports relating to the processing of marketing budgets for administration with evidence of accuracy and approval.
  • Provide financial documentation related to receiving invoices and approving the processing of payments of relevant activities with evidence of accuracy following correct procedures and completion within set time frames.
  • Source and identify required performance metrics and provide evidence of results tracking.

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 4:
  • Demonstrate the events timing plan with identification of relevant role players' requirements and the coordination of tasks.
  • Identify and demonstrate activities to support the campaigns' events with relevant point of sale material delivery.
  • Compile and distribute reports and compile analysis of results performance to the identified key personnel.

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 5:
  • Provide evidence of customer needs identification.
  • Provide comparison of organisation's product features, advantages, and benefits.
  • Provide evidence of a completed test activity result with an evaluation of the result findings.
  • Undertake complete tracking of product sales and costs and provide evidence of completed analysis reports for relevant role players.

    Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 6:
  • Provide evidence plans to communicate with customers and prospects and identify the Marketing Coordinator's role in the process.
  • Identify and demonstrate the measurement process of the customer contact activities.
  • Collate and evaluate the results of leads and response activities in relevant role players' reports.

    Integrated Assessment
    Integrated formative assessment:
    The skills development provider will use the curriculum to guide them on the stipulated internal assessment criteria and weighting. They will also apply the scope of practical skills and applied knowledge as stipulated by the internal assessment criteria. This formative assessment together with work experience leads to entrance in the external integrated summative assessment.

    Integrated summative assessment:
    An external integrated summative assessment, conducted through the relevant QCTO Assessment Quality Partner is required for the issuing of this qualification. The external integrated summative assessment will focus on the exit level outcomes and associated assessment criteria.

    The assessment will be conducted through written assessment and the evaluation of practical tasks at decentralised approved assessment sites by a panel of assessors evaluated by assessor(s) registered with the AQP within a period of one (1) day. 

    The Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator was compared to international marketing qualification offerings from Australia and United Kingdom (UK) which revealed that other than marketing degrees and post degree qualifications, it is mostly short courses that are offered in the marketing field below the degree level. It is also noted that the training provided is mostly knowledge based without any practical occupational based experience.

    Australia is the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia. It is where the BSB42415 - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication is registered. The BSB42415 - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication is a nationally approved vocational course that is recognised throughout Australia. It is provided online by most institutions, and its duration thereof is 12 months self-paced. The outcome level is described as Certificate IV.

    The qualification is made up of the following units divided into two (2) categories. i.e., Core and Electives:

  • BSBCMM401- Make a presentation.
  • BSBCRT401- Articulate, present and debate ideas.
  • BSBMGT407- Apply digital solutions to work processes.
  • BSBMKG417- Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry.
  • BSBMKG418- Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industry.

  • BSBADV402- Conduct pre-campaign testing.
  • BSBADV403- Monitor advertising production.
  • BSBADV404- Schedule advertisements.
  • BSBADV405- Perform media calculations.
  • BSBADV406- Buy and monitor media.
  • BSBADV407- Apply media analysis and processing tools.
  • BSBADV408- Review advertising media options.
  • BSBCUS401- Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies.
  • BSBFIA412- Report on financial activities.
  • BSBINM401- Implement workplace information system.
  • BSBIPR403- Protect and use brands and business identity.
  • BSBLDR402- Lead effective workplace relationships.
  • BSBMKG401- Profile the market.
  • BSBMKG408- Conduct market research.
  • BSBMKG409- Design direct response offers.
  • BSBMKG410- Test direct marketing activities.
  • BSBMKG411- Analyse direct marketing databases.
  • BSBMKG413- Promote products and services.
  • BSBMKG419- Analyse consumer behaviour.
  • BSBMKG420- Create digital media user experiences
  • BSBMKG421- Optimise digital media impact.
  • BSBPRO401- Develop product knowledge.
  • BSBPUB402- Develop public relations campaigns.
  • BSBPUB403- Develop public relations documents.
  • BSBRES411- Analyse and present research information.
  • BSBWRT401- Write complex documents.
  • CUAWRT401- Edit Texts.
  • CUAWRT402- Write extended stories

    The core units are compulsory, and learners must choose seven elective units. There is no distinction between knowledge/theory and practical. Workplace experience is not prescribed, and the entry level is prescribed as 'nil'.

    United Kingdom
    The United Kingdom through Cambridge Marketing College presents a qualification similar to the South African Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator.

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing presented by the Cambridge Marketing College is closely related to the knowledge component of the Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator.

    The following modules cover most of the knowledge content of the South African qualification, namely:

    Marketing Principles, 12 Credits
  • Know the role and function of marketing within organisations.
  • Understand the factors that influence customer behaviour.
  • Identify the key components of the marketing environment.
  • Identify how to collect relevant information about the marketing environment.
  • Understand the concept and elements of the marketing mix.
  • Understand the application of the marketing mix in different contextual settings.

    Communications in Practice, 12 Credits
  • Identify different types of customers.
  • Identify how customers make purchasing decisions.
  • Outline the purpose of customer communications.
  • Understand the range of communications tools.
  • Outline the structure and content of a customer communications plan.
  • Know how the effectiveness of a communications plan can be measured and evaluated.

    Digital Fundamentals, 12 Credits
  • Understand the impact of digital technology on marketing activities.
  • Understand the effect of digital technologies on customers.
  • Understand the use of digital marketing tools.
  • Outline the development of digital marketing content.
  • Know how to develop digital marketing communications campaigns.
  • Understand how to measure digital marketing communications campaigns.

    The entry requirement of A-Levels and duration in terms of credits is similar to that of the South African qualification. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing does not have a practical component and contrary to the South African qualification the work experience is not defined. The awarding of the qualification is dependent on work-based assignments at a workplace of the learner's choice.

    The Occupational Certificate: Marketing Coordinator compares favourably with the qualifications in terms of content and duration. However, the practical and knowledge/theory is integrated as learning fields. 

    This qualification provides opportunities for horizontal and vertical articulation options.

    Horizontal Articulation:
  • National Certificate: Advertising, Level TBA: Pre-2009 was L5.

    Vertical Articulation:
  • National N Diploma: Marketing Management, NQF Level 6. 

  • NOTES 
    Qualifying for External Assessment:
    To qualify for an external assessment, learners must provide proof of completion of all required knowledge and practical modules by means of statements of results and a record of completed work experience.

    Additional Legal or Physical Entry Requirements:
  • None

    Criteria for the accreditation of providers
    Accreditation of providers will be done against the criteria as reflected in the relevant curriculum on the QCTO website.

    The curriculum title and code are Marketing Coordinator: 333908-001-00-00

    Encompassed Trade:
    This qualification encompasses the following trades as recorded on the NLRD:
  • This is not a trade qualification

    Assessment Quality Partner (AQP)
    Services SETA 


    This information shows the current accreditations (i.e. those not past their accreditation end dates), and is the most complete record available to SAQA as of today. Some Primary or Delegated Quality Assurance Functionaries have a lag in their recording systems for provider accreditation, in turn leading to a lag in notifying SAQA of all the providers that they have accredited to offer qualifications and unit standards, as well as any extensions to accreditation end dates. The relevant Primary or Delegated Quality Assurance Functionary should be notified if a record appears to be missing from here.

    All qualifications and part qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework are public property. Thus the only payment that can be made for them is for service and reproduction. It is illegal to sell this material for profit. If the material is reproduced or quoted, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) should be acknowledged as the source.